Parent Testimonials

"After each session, my child is so excited about sharing his work and is boastful of how much he's written. Lizbeth has a cheerful disposition and her genuine love of working with children helps to engage my child in the session and the work being done. And, I can clearly see the benefits of his working with Lizbeth as his writing has improved and his ability to work independently on his school work has increased. Lizbeth is the kind of teacher that every child deserves, someone who is caring, encouraging and effective!"

Anna Song - Los Angeles, CA

"I was concerned at the end of last year about Charlie’s literacy progress due to lock down (Charlie started prep last year and I am a high school teacher). Since that time they’ve done a one-to-one lesson for 1 hour per week and I feel confident Charlie is progressing nicely. Every minute of each lesson is highly focused and I can hear intensive learning (with all the tips and tricks us home school parents lack) taking place while I cook dinner. For Charlie, she is always motivated and engaged by the positive relationship and expectations they have formed from day one."

Brett Younger - Melbourne, Australia

Our oldest son began working with Lizbeth in the second grade – in the middle of the pandemic – and has continued with her for two years now. We were so thrilled with the results that we started our younger son with Lizbeth as well.

Most impressive to us was how quickly Lizbeth was able to zero in on the areas they both needed the most support in. Her passion and dedication to teaching show in her ability to keep them both engaged and challenged with relevant, personalized and thoughtful content…all via on Zoom! It’s remarkable how she can effortlessly navigate the attention span of a six- and eight-year-old for an hour before or after school.

Lizbeth is calm, clear and concise and always quick with helpful shortcuts and creative ways to understand the material. On days when our boys have been tired or frustrated, she gives them the confidence and ability to push forward with patience and kindness. Lizbeth is extremely organized with her lesson plans and in turn has taught our children to organize their own schoolwork after each lesson as well.

She is open and communicative with us as parents, ensuring our boys are getting what they need academically and regularly following up after assessments to see how they are tracking. We have seen exponential growth in both of our boys, and she has our highest recommendation.

Natalie Sanfilippo - Eagle Rock, CA

Our son started working with Liz due to the stay-at-home orders early in the COVID-19 pandemic. In a time when Zoom was a massive challenge to learning and engaging, the experience we had with Liz was amazingly heartening.

Liz finds connections with kids as real people and uses that to make lessons relatable, fun, and exciting… and still far more rigorous than they’d otherwise get. She’s great at identifying strengths and weaknesses – and then tactically pushing on both to accent the one and resolve the other.

Liz is unbelievably patient and respectful both to the kids and parents. She doesn’t talk down to her students, she’s the right balance of resolute and considerate, and by these qualities doesn’t need to take the tack of super strict rules that can make kids feel trapped in the lessons and the time it takes to see them through. We’ve seen our son learn to think and feel more critically and expansively, and not only enjoy learning, but actually love it. And recently, in a complete no-brainer move we’ve started our younger child with Liz as well.

Ansook and Graeme Fordyce - Eagle Rock, CA

Lizbeth is energetic and very well organized. She made learning fun and has a very warm connection with students. She is so versed with different styles of learning and matches different teaching tools with each kid. We were so lucky to have her as a teacher.

Nathalie Babazahde - Bay Area, CA

Ms. Tello is a talented and bright accredited educator. Our child has been doing private tutoring sessions with her for over a year. Our son has a great relationship with her and his confidence with reading has increased dramatically. Liz has a very in depth understanding of the different grade level curriculum so she has, at times, walked us through the testing and grading expectations. She tailors the subject matter to the student's personal interests and because of that I see our son more excited to attend his sessions. In fact the sessions go way beyond tutoring. Liz has assigned our son multi step projects that help instill academic rigor. Plus scheduling with Liz is a breeze. She is very responsive and flexible. I can't say enough good things about Liz Tello!

Timm Shingler - Eagle Rock, CA

Lizbeth is amazing. Both of our children struggled after almost a year and a half of “zoom school” during the pandemic. Not only were they behind in their studies but their confidence levels had dropped dramatically. Lizbeth has taught them the missing building blocks they need to excel in school. They have started on the new school year with confidence and the ability to get through the assignment they are working on without frustration. We highly recommend hiring Lizbeth Tello, if your child has fallen behind or just needs a little more encouragement than what they can get in a classroom setting.

Mara Keagle - Eagle Rock, CA